Learn Quran With Tajweed

What is Tafseer in actual?

Tajweed refers to reading words accurately and pronouncing them appropriately. It is our moral obligation to read the Holy Quran with the proper Tajweed. Every Muslim, whether children and adults, were required to read the Holy Quran in Tajweed. This is why we provide this online course to study Tajweed from the Quran.

When a student completes his Qaida Course, we make this course (study Quran online with Tajweed) available. For each new learner who want to learn to read the Quran with Tajweed, Noorani Qaida is the foundational course.

A pupil learns the essential Tajweed letters and regulations in Noorani Qaida. After the course is successfully completed, a student can become well familiar with the Tajweed laws. It enables the pupil to correctly read the Quran while adhering to Tajweed guidelines.

When reading with tajweed rules, a young child between the ages of four and seven who is not familiar with them will do so correctly. After successfully completing their foundational Noorani Qaida course, a number of students, including both children and adults, begin reading the heavenly words in a fluent manner.

Class Duration

30 Minutes



This course, Online Quran Reading with Tajweed, is offered by online Quran Learnings to people of all ages and genders. With the help of our strong and skilled male and female professors, we usually deliver this course using the best teaching techniques. This course will teach people of all ages and genders how to recite the Quran with Tajweed. It is not just for certain people.

If you want to improve your recitation, you may sign up for this course by registering for a free trial class to have your recitation assessed. Filling out the registration form enables you to apply for additional courses as well. We will recommend the course that is suitable for you after your evaluation sessions. You may even enrol in the trial lessons for it.

Many students believe that reading the Quran using Tajweed is quite challenging. However, learning the Tajweed rules and Tajweed recitation techniques is relatively simple. You only need to be familiar with the fundamental alphabet to begin creating Quranic words in 10 to 15 days. Once you’ve completed this, you are on the path to studying Tajweed and the Quran. If you’re interested in taking this course, sign up right now for a free trial session and begin your Quran study right away.

Monthly Base

Fee Structure


  • Monthly 8 Classes
  • 30 Minutes Class Duration
  • Monthly Fee
  • $35 (USA Dollar)
  • C$40 (Canadian Dollar)
  • A$40 (Australian Dollar)
  • €30 (Euro)
  • 125 (UAE Dirham)


  • Monthly 12 Classes
  • 30 Minutes Class Duration
  • Monthly Fee
  • $45 (USA Dollar)
  • C$50 (Canadian Dollar)
  • A$50 (Australian Dollar)
  • €40 (Euro)
  • 150 (UAE Dirham)


  • Monthly 16 Classes
  • 30 Minutes Class Duration
  • Monthly Fee
  • $55 (USA Dollar)
  • C$60 (Canadian Dollar)
  • A$60 (Australian Dollar)
  • €50 (Euro)
  • 175 (UAE Dirham)


  • Monthly 20 Classes
  • 30 Minutes Class Duration
  • Monthly Fee
  • $70 (USA Dollar)
  • C$75 (Canadian Dollar)
  • A$75 (Australian Dollar)
  • €65 (Euro)
  • 199 (UAE Dirham)


  • Monthly 8 Classes
  • 30 Minutes Class Duration
  • Monthly Fee
  • $30 (USA Dollar)
  • C$35 (Canadian Dollar)
  • A$35 (Australian Dollar)
  • €25 (Euro)
  • 120 (UAE Dirham)