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We have a team of Hafiz-e-Quran and Aalam-e-Islam to deliver Quran lessons to you. Further, all Quran teachers are graduates that can speak fluent English for better communication with students.

Yes. We understand that most female students are not willing to learn Quran from male tutors. For your convenience, we have a squad of qualified female teachers who are Hafiz-e-Quran and Aalima with graduate degrees.

Normally, whenever your kid is able to speak clearly and knows the usage of devices like a mobile or laptop, at approximately 3.5 years old, we are ready to provide Quran lessons to him/her. However, there is no maximum age limit. As an adult, you can learn Quran from Live Quran Teachers anytime.

No. We offer flexible timing to our students who are willing to learn Quran. If you want to change your schedule, just let us know. After the availability of your online Quran teacher, we’ll confirm your new timing within 24 hours.

Visa, Master, Paypal, and Payoneer are the most preferable payment gateways with the help of 2checkout, our payment partner. If you haven’t an account in our listed options, you can contact us to learn more about our other payment-supported methods.

  • A Laptop or personal Computer.
  • An internet connection with Broadband DSL/Cable.
  • A Head-mounted display.
  • For voice communication, we make use of Skype, a reliable internet telephony programme.
  • When you begin your lessons, you will be given access to Gotomeeting software. With the use of this programme, you may view your lectures throughout class on your computerA

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